Monthly Treat Subscription

To start a subscription please email Sophie at
Our monthly treat subscription spoils your pooch with fun, fresh and natural yummy treats ! The box will contain one large bag of our classic heart shaped biscuits, smaller bite sized training treats and novelty cookies such as our Doggy Donuts, Jammie Dodgers and Cupcake Cookies.
You can also personalise your box with your pooches photo which you upload after subscribing via this link:
As there is no contract with our subscription, you can easily manage your boxes. You can do this via our members page.
Polite Notice: Our boxes contain grains and nuts, so please do not order if your dog has either of these allergies.
The box contains:
120g Bag of Treats
Bite-sized Training Treats
Monthly Surprise Cookies
Personalised Packaging
Good to know:
✔ Puppy Friendly (14 Weeks +)
✔ Fresh Ingredients
✔ Gentle Digestion
✔ Hand Baked